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Font Pair helps designers pair Google Fonts together. 22. Fontin Sans makes an ideal partner for it. font It goes well with Noto Sans, Rooney, Avenir Next, Adelle Sans, Proxima Soft and Local Brewery Two. Montserrat and Source Sans Pro ─ As used on Rookie Up. If you are seeing this message, you probably have an ad blocker turned on. Halant and Nunito Sans Gilroy and Jura. A good super-family will include serif and a sans serif version of the same typeface: famous examples include Lucida/Lucida Sans and Meta/Meta Sans. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, FontFont's superfamily Scala started with a serif version in 1990, followed in 92 by its sans serif companion. Included in this third sub-category are Bodoni, Didot, New Century Schoolbook and Walbaum. Fonts Gilroy Noto Sans Tags collaboration distributed team Site Dosis and Dosis ─ As used on Common Foods. 🎨 #ffffff | #222222 | #333333 | #3e82f7. Lora and Roboto ─ As used on Google Re:Work. With small caps, various ligatures and old-style figures, this family is hugely versatile and widely used in publishing. Gilroy's geometric style in ExtraBold weight is ideal for headers, while Jura Light has a wiry, structured shape that offsets it nicely. Nunito and Nunito ─ As used on Slidebean. Initially designed as an alternative to Helvetica and Univers, Antique Olive has a very tall x-height with short ascenders and descenders, which make it highly distinctive in display form. It is a sans serif font that looks like selfie font designed in a very ultra-modern variety. Open Weekends at ... Font Resize. It’s definitely not an easy task. Its sans-serif variant is smoother. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Thank you for signing up to Creative Bloq. Zirkel is a geometric sans serif typeface which includes 16 fonts – eight weights and eight matching italics. Adobe Fonts is the easiest way to bring great type into your workflow, wherever you are. They were conceived as a pair but function independently of each other. The much more conservative serif Bembo is neutral but versatile, making for a perfectly contrasting font pairing. If you find yourself stuck on which fonts to pick, try to remember the age-old rule: concord or contrast, but don't conflict. These two variants are totally complementary, and each comes with its own sub-varieties. 1. Gilroy, CA 95020 Saturdays & Sundays 12:00–5:00 PM. If you have a display face packed with unique personality, you'll need something more neutral to do the hard work. Working within superfamilies makes it easy to find harmonious font pairings. Both typefaces are highly readable, with a tall x-height, and combine well together to give a pleasing effect. The latter, based on the designer's own handwriting, has a neat, friendly vibe. An exljbris creation, Calluna was born out of an experiment in adding slab serifs to Museo, giving designer Jos Buivenga the idea of 'serifs with direction'. GarageFonts' Freight is a great example. For a delightful font pairing with an unintentionally tropical theme, try Pacifico and Quicksand. However, this is an exception. We suggest pairing it with Source Sans Pro, Adobe's first open source typeface family, designed by Paul D. Hunt. Proza Libre and Open Sans ─ As used on Oliver Rothenhäusler. Montserrat. Avoid pairing similar fonts. It has been designed by Robert Slimbach as part of the Adobe Originals initiative, and to access it you'll need a Creative Cloud subscription. The age-old rule goes: concord or contrast, but don’t conflict. Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography Gilroy font. IBM Plex Sans and IBM Plex Serif ─ As used on @kylehyams - Dribbble. However, the small caps variant is best suited to headers. The family has a slightly calligraphic edge, and is designed to be suitable for long blocks of text. An Old Style serif typeface, Minion was designed in 1990 but inspired by late Renaissance-era type. Creative Bloq is supported by its audience. FontPair is a typography tool that inspires the creative community to design better. While having its geometric structure it carries organic personality with touch of warmth injected to each form. Again, Geometric sans serifs marry best with these. Superfamily Liberation was intended as an open-source substitute for many commonly used Windows fonts, such as Arial, Times New Roman and Courier New. Nov 9, 2018 - Need some type inspiration? Lora and Merriweather ─ As used on Tyler Tringas. This fonts lettering is defiantly suitable for a great font pairing. When creating Josefin Slab, designer Santiago Orozco wanted something between Kabel and Memphis, but with modern details. 🎨 #FFFFFF | #FCC94D | #F46543 | #202020. But if you’re not a designer, you might be asking yourself: “What fonts actually go well together?” Not to worry! This pair of sans serifs pair nicely to create a trendy, industrial look. This time it's playing second fiddle to the bold and attention-grabbing Brandon Grotesque. Chivo and Overpass ─ As used on Gimlet Media. Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! This pairing is particularly effective when Trade Gothic is used in its Bold weight for headlines, to set off Jan Tschichold's classic Old Style serif face for text. This is a famously harmonious duo, combining ubiquitous Neo-Grotesque sans serif Helvetica Neue for headlines with the classic Old Style serif Garamond for text. Both Renault and Apex-New have a very similar ratio of x-height to body height for an effortless partnership between contemporary sans serif and authoritative serif. Myriad is famously used in Apple's corporate communication, as well as in the Rolls Royce logo. Here’s how to get started with putting great fonts on your own website. Finally, Modern serifs have an often very dramatic contrast between thick and thin for a more pronounced, stylised effect, as well as a larger x-height. Looking for the perfect font pairings can feel like a tricky process. Please contact us or report DMCA via email: Worry not, as we've got you covered, having searched through mountains of typefaces to bring together top font duos in this post. First up for july is Gilroy, the perfect choice for any product, website or app. Ideally, you'd identify fonts that complement one another and sit together without fighting for attention. This font pairing might not be the most obvious match, but that doesn't stop them playing off one another beautifully. Two typefaces both have plenty of personality, but bond perfectly. In this post, we’ve laid out 50 perfect font combinations that you can use in your designs today. Generally speaking, Old Style serifs such as Bembo, Caslon and Garamond will combine well with Humanist sans serifs, such as Gill Sans and Lucida Grande. BioRhyme and Space Mono ─ As used on Coffee Thoughts & Reference. Montserrat – named after designer Julieta Ulanovsky's neighbourhood in Buenos Aires – has various options in its family, giving you plenty of options to play around with. 🎨 #FFFFFF | #000000 | #ff354c | #1177aa, 🎨 #FFFFFF | #32325d | #3d80e4 | #b7b7ce. Featuring austere lines, the font gains its strength in the final layout, which is created by the user. Download two free fonts for personal and commercial use. Pair it with versatile sans serif Lato to stop things getting too crazy. All rights reserved. Raleway and Raleway ─ As used on Fit 4 Less. Roboto combines geometric forms with friendly, open curves, and has been designed to offer a natural reading rhythm. 🎨 #FFFFFF | #000000 | #e5e5e5 | #ffb100. FontPair is a typography tool that inspires the creative community to design better. Combine it with body copy in Patrick Hand for a font pairing packed with character. Font pairing made simple. Keep in touch. Work Sans and Work Sans ─ As used on Red Elegant. Next page: More perfect font pairings to explore. The best site download free fonts. Together, they make a perfect pairing of old and new, with the understated Source Sans Pro letting Playfair Display really shine. 🎨 #FFFFFF | #001627 | #838383 | #ff506f. We use cookies to provide the best experience. An ideal font pairing for formal or corporate use. Readable Font. Metric is a geometric humanist, sired by West Berlin street signs. The easiest way to find perfect font pairings is by using different fonts within the same overarching typeface family. This is a classic serif and sans-serif font pairing, with both typefaces remaining crisp and easy to scan in any page layout. Gilroy is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch. “Tip — In terms of legibility, Humanist fonts with larger x- height are considered to be the most legible” Pairing font Great font pairings are essential to great design. It comes in six styles: Calvert Pro and Standard, each with Light, Regular and Bold variants. Display font Playfair draws inspiration from the period in the 18th century when quills were being replaced by pointed steel pens. Mix up different weights and sizes between the two neutral families to establish hierarchy within your designs. Visit us on March 7th for our monthly Light Bites & Flights Pairing featuring JV’s BBQ! Myriad and Minion have already cropped up in different font pairings elsewhere in this list, but this combination is definitely worth a look. Resumé. If you're after something more unexpected, how about this duo? Together, these fonts create a modern sense of effortless elegance. 2. Chaparral has a modern feeling but is a much more neutral slab serif. Gilroy has extensive OpenType support including 1 additional stylistic sets, Stylistic Alternates, Proportional Figures and Standard Ligatures making it a powerful font for experienced designers. The result is a highly distinctive text face that later spawned a sans-serif companion. Time for another superfamily, this time from Dutch foundry exljbris. It's free to download and open source – so you can edit it to your own particular needs through the GitHub repo, if you have the desire and skills to do so.

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